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5 signs you’re relying too heavily on dating apps (and just how to cool it)

5 signs you’re relying too heavily on dating apps (and just how to cool it)

Here’s the bad news: As with every social media marketing and applications on our phones, many of us get therefore covered up within these dating apps that we’re missing the opportunity for real-life connection and relationships — not to ever mention, we’re potentially messing with this psychological state and pushing down our other priorities.

If you’re stressed that you could be utilizing dating apps within an unhealthy means, or perhaps you’ve just realized that dating apps have a tendency to cause you to feel even worse more regularly than they make you feel a lot better, continue reading for five indications that you could be too reliant on dating apps. Plus, methods for how exactly to limit your obsession without experiencing like you’re likely to perish alone (because that’s everyone’s fear, right?).

1You use numerous apps at a time.

Does the scenario that is following familiar?

You’ve been swiping on Hinge for quite a while now, and also you feel just like every single other profile is a dude that is white khaki jeans. Your matches’ conversations are boring you plus the guy you came across for a glass or two this week ended up being effortlessly forgettable. continue reading