hi all, we stumbled in your site while browsing and after checking out the different remarks decided to go out of a couple of responses of personal:

hi all, we stumbled in your site while browsing and after checking out the different remarks decided to go out of a couple of responses of personal:

I’m a Nigerian guy and I also have always been really happy with my back ground and can perhaps not offer my nation for no-one!, i don’t deny the very fact you will call (419 ) originating from my country but you should equally know that Nigeria is not the only country where these scams take place that we have scammers or what. You might additionally be incorrect to think that Nigerian scammers can’t write or spell perfectly….if you get by that you may be swindled! My take is it, being scammed means you had been maybe maybe not smart sufficient; the indications will always here you are cautious enough for you to see if only.

Nigeria is like any kind of nation where frauds occur and such as the saying goes “out each and every twelve you will have a Judas”, Nigeria comprises of bad and the good folks but that does not make all of us bad!

We stay pleased with my country it doesn’t matter what anybody states i don’t help frauds then again you shouldn’t spot yourself able to get scammed!

We came across “Stephen Mayers” on Match.com…said he was from Melrose,MN,but had been doing work in Nigeria import and export of computer accessories…after chatting a few times on yahoo,said he missed me personally, enjoyed me.Said he was born in MN their parents had won A visa that is american lottery but grew up in Germany. Before he caused computer add-ons, he had been into import/export of jewelry….he then needed $200 to pay for some type or form of certification so he could possibly be taken care of their work. Asked me to visit Western Union and deliver it to Randy Josh in Nigeria….when I’dn’t take action, he pleaded and begged then he then would require $300….so because it could be late watch out for Stephen Mayers and or Randy Josh. Their profile title on Match had been Justin something…his e-mail is Smayers@yahoo.com their phone number 234-708-8766243

Watch out for this guy WILSON KEVIN BROWN His YM ID is wilson.brown43@yahoo.com He lived in Aberdeen Scotland, UK He is really a scammer.

I became contacted on Match.com with comparable letters and concerns. Ended up being asked to setup gmail account. Ashley Warrington had been the true title for the mans account on match.com. Didn’t ask for cash but discovered through this information web page from a pal. Image had been on Match.com, but demonstrably had been of somebody picked arbitrarily. Exact Same cenario, Father had been Briton and mom raised him with no brothers or siblings…

Hi, we very nearly dropped for a guy that known as himself Frank Whitebell from Texas. He composed me personally on Facebook in which he seemed good on his photos and we currently startet to own butterflies in my own stomach as soon as we chatted. He utilized those *am* (in the place of i will be) and *cos* in the place of because and then he called me personally babe and honey but never ever by my title. He said which he had to go on a trip to West Africa that he buys and sells gold and. After being in western Africa for just one time he asked me personally him out with 2000 Dollars if I could help. He stated he’d repay it if you becausek me as soon as he involves Germany (thats where we come from). He wished to live right right here beside me and my child and explained that I will be the sole woman in the life,…. Oh well…. I obtained dubious whenever he asked me personally for cash and I also together2night login remembered one thing concerning the Nigerian Connection We saw on german television. And so I googled and I also discovered this part right here. And today i will be extremely certain he could be a fake. Their e-mail adress is: white.frank15@yahoo.com

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