Y- Posting is an internet fast file share app to easily share videos, photographs, documents, and many others from your mobile phone with your family and friends. The Y-Share has an amazing technology to speed up peer to peer speed, deliver seamless wifi 2 . 4 ghz cellular connection involving the iPhone & Android cellphone, and also supports Bluetooth, producing file sharing really easy. The other characteristic that this app includes is the ability to browse leading IM websites directly from your Android mobile phone. You can take photos, record video clips, view directories and search any other file on the web quickly from your cellular phone. You don’t need any kind of special abilities to use this app mainly because https://encryshare.com/ really an iPhone iphone app.

Another good thing about the y-share is that it comes using its own web based storage storage space, which means you can store all your data on the internet and gain access to them coming from any computer/laptop without any challenges. The only problem with this kind of internet file storage is that it’s poor, and the software slows down the speed of transfer if there are countless files to be downloaded. If you are looking for a fast file publish app, then simply this shouldn’t be in your list. But if you are contemplating something absolutely easy to use and doesn’t require downloading virtually any files for the phone, therefore this should have your list.

Overall, this is an excellent internet app that allows you to quickly publish files from the mobile phone on your friends, family members and contacts. It also gives you an online storage space server to your files. However , it requires your subscription free of charge to use the world wide web storage service. When you’re looking for a web fast document share software, then I would suggest using Y- Share Pro.

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