This is what took place once I Hired ladies on Fiver to correct my Tinder Profile

This is what took place once I Hired ladies on Fiver to correct my Tinder Profile

Lexigreen’s Un-Edited Feedback

“So I’ve looked over your Tinder profile. Firstly, I’d love to state that your particular travel stories sound amazing! The initial thing that jumps out at me is that you’re not smiling in several of your pictures. It might move you to go off as a touch too severe maybe?

I enjoy the very first picture and usually the one of you utilizing the young ones additionally the certainly one of you smiling together with your two buddies as you’re watching automobile. The one and only thing I would personally alter is possibly result in the first primary profile image one where smiling that is you’re.

I’m maybe perhaps perhaps perhaps maybe not a giant fan regarding the certainly one of you into the white key down searching really severe. It’s a photo that is great but i believe it does not quite easily fit into a Tinder profile. Usually the one of you into the green vehicle is alright, nonetheless it could be good to own another picture of you with buddies or smiling. Photos of you by having an animal or animal would go over well likely.

Your bio is great, however it does not let me know a great deal it’s a bit long about you and. With Tinder it is advisable that you be brief as well as 2 the idea. Absolutely mention your love of traveling, but in addition consist of other items you love. Favorite meals, hobbies, everything you do or research, etc. After having a phrase with those actions, you might tack on something such as, “Hit me up if you’d like to hear some traveling that is crazy!”

Inform me for those who have any longer concerns and view just just just just how this works in your favor. Thank you!”

Julieaoi’s Un-Edited Feedback

“Thank you for calling me personally; to start with, i’ll just tell you’ve got a fairly profile that is good, therefore done well! It absolutely shows that you will be an excellent art practitioner, since you plainly have actually a feeling of looks and presentation that numerous individuals lack, and that means you’re on an excellent track. That said, We have a few responses and ideas to enhance it.


Through the screenshots you delivered me personally, i can not inform if you’ve got your Instagram account associated with your Tinder profile. Or even, i might strongly suggest incorporating it, specially you post your work if you have a professional Instagram where. Physically, we’m a lot more prone to swipe appropriate that a) I’m looking at a real person, not dine in app a catfish; and b) this is someone who cultivates interesting hobbies if I see an Instagram account with good aesthetics, because it shows me. In reality, a times that are few chose to swipe close to someone solely for their Instagram, maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe not predicated on their Tinder pictures. Plus, your photographs are superb and I also think producing art is super sexy, therefore you should highlight that.


I favor the very first picture you decided. It is a top quality image|quality that is good} of you where your face is actually noticeable, it shows your personal style, plus it straight away provides me personally the feeling of one’s work and passions. Do not change it out!

I might go your 4th image (white top with town lights in the history) to 2nd, once again given that it’s a good-looking, top quality picture of you where you’re obviously noticeable. If some body is swiping quickly, they may simply glance at the very very very very first number of photo you have got, and that means you want to get their attention instantly; when they’re interested, they’re going to carry on for more information.

I really really like your picture that is last and would place it 3rd. It offers a actually cool vibe and looks, me personally feel like i’d like to spend time to you along with your buddies!

The children to your picture could be the only benefit of your profile We have some strong negative views about. It downers from the « voluntourism » vibe (maybe not certain that that’s just exactly just just just what you had been really doing, but it’s this that it seems like), and a complete great deal of men and women ponder over it narcissistic to make use of volunteering experiences as social networking product, specially Tinder. It really is a lovely photo ‘m certain you decided it as the typical « white Westerner using third world children to show off for social capital » trope because it was a meaningful moment for you, but some people might read it. Once again, it’s not a judgement on what you may had been doing here, simply want some one to understand give off the incorrect impression because you cannot offer any context towards the individual taking a look at your profile. There is really a Tumblr page called « Humanitarians of Tinder » that collects comparable photos, i am yes that you don’t would you like to wind up there! 🙂

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